ITC is the authorized Local Representative and Certified Service Partner of Wincor Nixdorf in Bangladesh. Wincor Nixdorf ATMs are popular for their reliability, robustness, parts availability, innovative design, functional excellence and compatibility with all modern technologies. With its promptness in updating technology, customer-oriented service, technological excellence and constant R&D. All Wincor Nixdorf ATMs are manufactured in Germany and are fully EMV Compliant.

ITC provides and supplies the state-of-the-art VeriFone and Sand POS terminals with local technical (Hardware and Software) support for optimum POS performance. ITC’s POS Terminals are very simple and inexpensive with ease of use. These Terminals have slots for smart card as well as MagStripe Card. The software solution in the POS Terminal enables a transaction to be executed which is customized by ITC. These POS terminals are used both as Merchant POS and Bank POS terminals. In addition, these Bank POS are used in Foreign Remittance Payment Project sponsored by DFID/Bangladesh Bank. A country-wide network (with ITC provided SAND POS) has been established for this purpose with the collaboration of NCC Bank Limited and TMSS - a NGO. Through these POS, which are used for multiple tasks, be it for a Bank itself, or for a vendor, or for any other institution, with ITCL’s POS the following tasks can be completed:

  • P2P Transfer (Person to Person)
  • Fund Transfer
  • Cash Advance
  • Cash Deposit
  • P2P Card Transfer
  • Balance Enquiry
  • PIN Change
  • VOID
  • Settlement
  • Log ON

Locally produced KIOSK Deposit Machines manufactured and sold by ITC has attained one of the leading positions in the market. These machines facilitate the Banks to provide following services to its valued clientele:

  • Cash Deposit
  • Cheque Deposit
  • Account Debit Instruction
  • Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, Gas, Phone, Mobile Phone etc.) Payments through Cash, Cheque, Account Debit Instructions and Card
  • School Fees Payment and other institutional payments
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Bank Statement Request
  • Internet Banking
  • Supports Inter & Intra-bank Fund Transfer

ITCL successfully established & tested the secured Q-cash Payment Gateway (Q-cash PG) to facilitate valued cardholder’s of buying goods and services and transfer of funds through on-line electronic payments. It performs authentication of electronic transactions in compliance with 3-D Secure Code standards and allows customer identification from an issuer as well as acquirer´s side. Our Q-cash PG has additional security features including various access certificates, digital signature verification, as well as support of DPA/CAP (Dynamic PassCode Authentication / Chip Authentication Programme). This solution has been designed to be apt for issuers and acquirers. All domestic Visa, Master, Pre-paid, Debit and Credit cards are able to transact through this payment gateway. E-commerce payment systems have become increasingly popular due to the widespread use of internet-based shopping and banking. Q-cash payment gateway has enabled other Banks to offer its e-commerce customers new technologies such as digital wallets, e-cash, mobile payment and e-checks.

Q-Cash e-commerce is taking over market rapidly since it was launched several months ago. It has become increasingly popular due to the wide-spread use of the internet-based shopping and banking. Q-Cash is maintaining the same technology that is being used by VISA and MasterCard. Currently 10 e-merchants, school and NGO’s are receiving online payment by Q-Cash payment gateway. In addition, different bill collecting company, transport company and service providers have integrated with Q-Cash payment gateway to collect online bills and payment. Currently Trust Bank, IFIC Bank and Jamuna Bank are acquiring e-merchants’ through Q-Cash e-commerce. Additionally, now mobile cash recharge (i-top up) can be done through using Q-Cash e-commerce platform.

  • The largest payment gateway in Banks other than a Bank
  • More than 33++ Banks under the same umbrella as Consortium member
  • More than 1.5 million active Card users and the number is increasing day by day
  • Other than Banks, other Government Banks are also connected to Q Cash payment gateway
  • Not only Banks, institutions like National Bureau of Revenue (NBR), Bangladesh Post office (BPO), Lanka Bangla Securities are also connected to Q Cash gateway. Users can also access these services using Q Cash payment gateway.
  • Q Cash is a payment gateway, not a Payment Processor or any Merchant Aggregator. So interfacing cost is much lower than a merchant aggregator or payment processor in the market and so as the shared commission is much higher than others.
  • One single User ID & Password is good enough for login into the Q Cash gateway. User can enter into different multiple Merchant sites and can purchase with that User ID and Password and will remain as logged in. So there is no requirement to memorize or copy separate individual User ID and Password for respective merchants. You can meet various merchants, all under one roof.
  • Induced buying behavior- Window buying will also increase as one user can buy from one merchant and can be induced for another purchase seeing other merchants available. This will ensure present as well as future buying thus increasing total transaction.
  • Merchants can also have a ready access of a huge customer database from one single point that is Q Cash gateway. This will help them to promote their brand and products as well in future.
  • Q Cash gateway being the original gateway; it’s been hired by several other payment processor and banks for their own business purpose. Direct connectivity to Q Cash ensures no hidden cost with minimum investment and less sharing with channel members as merchants only shares their transaction fees with Q Cash and with no other payment processor.
  • Q Cash gateway being the only gateway and first ever in Bangladesh to be PCIDSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified. It is now mandatory from Bangladesh Bank. So, the transactions that take place through Q Cash payment gateway is 100% secured.
  • Connectivity with Q Cash gateway is as simple as plug play with certain API.

A Digital Wallet/Money is an Electronic virtual Prepaid Card with M-Banking Facilities that utilizes ATM and all kinds of electronic Communication Technologies including mobile phone. In addition, Electronic Prepaid Card would be used to deposit or draw cash directly from the ATM and other delivery channels. Digital wallet / money enable subscribers to quickly, easily, and securely transfer balances to other subscribers via mobile phones. Transfers are carried out electronically, requiring no intermediary. Any mobile subscriber can avail the mobile money services.

ITC offers the Mobile Financial Services (MFS) for its client Banks to offer their customers a feature-rich product encompassing all the functionalities needed to provide efficient banking services through mobile channels. Already ITCL has successfully tested MFS to facilitate its valued cardholders. Electronic Prepaid cards would be used to deposit or draw cash directly from the ATM and other delivery channels. Digital Wallet enables subscribers to transfer balances quickly, easily and securely to other subscribers via mobile phones. Transfers are carried out electronically, requiring no intermediary. Any mobile subscriber can avail MFS.